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Russell Barkley PhD is one of the pre-eminent authorities and thinkers in the world today on all things ADHD. His books Taking Charge of ADHD and Taking Charge of Adult ADHD explain why our ADHD brains cannot make use of all the knowledge up there, or at least not upon demand. Bonus, he tells us what we can do about it!

His latest book (as of early 2021),        12 Principles for Raising a Child With ADHD, explains why kids with ADHD act the way they do and gives parents a blueprint for guiding their child in developing the skills to be successful in life. It is my top recommendation for parents of ADHD kids.

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Why bother finding out if my 7 yr old has ADHD? He's doing OK.

Because not knowing can affect his/her life forever! And yours too! Really, not kidding. Emotional trauma inflicted (unknowingly) on children with ADHD by parents and teachers will affect how they approach life, how they think about themselves (I’m defective, not good enough, a failure) and lead to headaches and more for your entire family.

What is the "difference" in Attention Difference Disorder? (aka ADHD)

The inner workings of the ADHD brain revealed!!

Outside the Box by Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.

He says it much better than I can and with more experience and study to back it up. 

No information on this site is intended to replace advice of your primary ADHD clinician nor to be applied to any specific patient situation except if done so by your clinician. Please discuss any changes you would like to make to your/your child’s treatment plan directly with your ADHD clinician.