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Emotions and ADHD

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Do you get knocked off balance by unexpected events in your life? While you are going about your business does life come along and interrupt? For those with ADHD these events can knock us out of action, unable to function well, and our ADHD symptoms come roaring back in spite of medications, our own coping strategies, coaching, counseling, whatever had helped before.

My guest today is James Ochoa, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin TX and Director of the Life Empowerment Center in Austin ( ). He conceptualizes this as an Emotional Distress Syndrome which affects literally 100% of people with ADHD. We discuss what this looks like, how it comes about, and what to do about it. More details on the tools you can develop to navigate the unexpected storms that come up are in his latest book Focused Forward: Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD (also available in audio format).

Listen in, learn, and take heart – there is hope!

“I am just not motivated. Maybe my meds need to be adjusted.” “I do many things every day but not the ones I know I need to do”. “Why can’t I get going on school work/that big project/my taxes?” Motivation, energy to get started and then actually starting, is a BIG issue in ADHD.

My guest today is Dr. Tamara Rosier, an ADHD Coach and founder of the ADD Center of Western Michigan. Her book Your Brain’s Not Broken explores the connection emotions have with ADHD, including how our emotions sabotage motivation. We discuss the 6 Murderers of Motivation and how to deal with them. It is core ADHD issue stuff!
Listen and learn!

Today Dr. David Pomeroy speaks with Dr. Bill Dodson about Emotional Dysregulation in ADHD. Emotional Dysregulation and Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria are important aspects of ADHD which have been left out of the “official” definitions and are only now gaining the attention they deserve.

This is part one of a two-part series addressing two issues that cause a tremendous amount of distress to people with ADHD as well as those in relationships with them. There is hope!
Listen and learn!