Targeting ADHD

Girls on the Autism Specturm – “the something else” with Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Do you feel that the treatments for your child’s ADHD and co-occurring Anxiety and/or Learning Disorders and/or Depression are not working for …something else but you don’t know what? That there are signs – behaviors, meltdowns, struggles with friends – that things are not yet OK, that something is being missed. You are totally spent by the end of each day, your house is a mess, you have given up seeing friends – in order that you can put 100% of your time and energy into helping your child.

Maybe this is not your struggle, but you see this going on in a friend, or a relative, or a neighbor, or co-worker.

My guest today is Elaine Taylor-Klaus, founder of IMPACTparents, author of The Essential Guide to raising Complex Kids, Master Certified Coach, and parent to four neurodivergent children. Her experiences, personal and professional, have led her to believe that the “something else” for many girls (and women) is Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Join us as we discuss the clues, the behaviors, the symptoms that suggest an evaluation for ASD is in order; the role that parents play and how critical it is that parents get coaching in how to parent these exceptional children, it is the single most-important thing they can do to help their child. Parents need validation, recognition that the difficulties they face every day are way beyond the norm of parenting challenges AND that they are not alone. Many families are in the same struggle.

Download Elaine’s article about these struggles, Parenting VERY Complex Kids: Underestimated, Undervalued & Underutilized . And a special bonus for listeners/viewers of ADHD Focus,  here is the link for you to download a free chapter of her book, “Everyone’s So Tense All The Time”.  Join us!  Listen, and Learn !