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Would you like to change how life happens in your home, reduce frustrations, change the emotional tone of family interactions? Parenting is difficult and the path to making constructive changes can be hard to find. Elaine Taylor-Klaus returns for this show and the next as we move through the ways to do exactly that. Elaine is a parent of 3 kids with ADHD, an adult with ADHD (as is her husband), a Parent Coach, and the author of The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with ADHD, Anxiety and More.

In the last 2 episodes we discussed the 6 steps of the IMPACT model of parenting, in this and the next episode we talk through the Four Phases of the Parent-coach role as they apply to parent-child relationships at different developmental stages of childhood. Raising your child to become an independent confident young adult is the goal of every parent. This series of 4 shows gives you the blueprint for how to do it. Listen and Learn!

This is the final installment of my series with Elaine Taylor-Klaus on raising complex kids (aren’t they all? Yes) especially those with ADHD, Anxiety and More (and sometimes both of those and others). Our discussion continues on the 4 Phases of parenting roles – Director, Collaborator, Supporter and Advisor/Champion – as they apply to children at the different stages of their emotional, social and academic development.

If you missed any of the previous 3 shows you can catch up with them here or at Listen and Learn!

Today Dr. Pomeroy talks to Elaine Taylor-Klaus, one of the innovators of ADHD Coaching specifically in the area of coaching parents. Elaine has done group classes for parents since 2011 and her book just came out – Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids.

What frustrates you most as a parent? Are your challenges different at different ages or with one child and not with another? Is there a clear path through the wilderness of parenting, one that leads to the goal every parent seeks, raising adults who can manage their lives independently with confidence? The answer is Yes, there is.
(If you are not a parent yet or do not plan to be one, do not change the channel! Wisdom lies ahead in this series, regardless of your life situation.)

Elaine Taylor-Klaus of has cleared a path through the tangle of parenting in her 10 years of experience coaching parents and at least twice that as a mother with ADHD raising 3 kids with ADHD. Her book The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids outlines clearly how to develop a collaborative approach to parenting, laid out in the IMPACT model, one that works. We discuss the model and the different roles parents can use as they teach and guide their children into becoming adults confident in managing their lives on their own. Listen and learn!!

Rejoin Elaine Taylor-Klaus and I as we continue our discussion of the IMPACT model of collaborative parenting, a powerful way to reach a primary goal of parenting, guiding your child to independence in self-management by their late teens. We take an in-depth look at applying the model at each stage of of a child’s emotional and intellectual development as a parent advances from the role of Director to Guide then Supporter and finally Advisor and Cheerleader. The task at hand: homework. Always a challenge.

Elaine’s book The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids takes you through the steps of the IMPACT model in detail. Listen and learn!

Do you struggle to parent your ADHD child? Does your ADHD child resist, dismiss, rebel against your requests, advice, guidance, and rules? This is a podcast you will not want to miss! Cindy Goldrich explains how an ADHD mind works, and why your child appears to defy reason, logic and you. Starting with “parent the child you have”, she explains 8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD (also the title of her book), and how to go about developing a collaborative relationship with your child.

Communication and collaboration are the keys to success, reducing the stress levels, and guiding your child to a more effective way of dealing with the world. Learn more and sign up for online coaching at Listen and learn !