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ADHD – What does it mean and how do you deal with it? From diagnosis to treatment, ADHD Focus will explore all aspects of ADHD. The latest research, trends and interpretations will be discussed with prominent experts in the field.

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If anyone had doubts about whether my guest or I have ADHD, in this episode of ADHD Focus we provided decisive proof that indeed we do. In a wide-ranging discussion we touched on girls/women with ADHD, student struggles with ADHD, the shame experienced by women with ADHD  due to impossible-to-meet societal expectations of a woman, a housewife, a mother, and a person with a business – in any combination of those roles. And probably more…(I was in the moment, not taking (detailed) notes). 

Pippa Simou has “lived experience” as the mother of an ADHD child and a woman surprised by her own “late diagnosis” of ADHD as an adult. The desire to help her son cope with his ADHD in every way possible led her to in-depth reading and inquiry about ADHD. She changed careers after teaching for 20 years to one of training teachers about ADHD and coaching other parents with ADHD children, after returning to school to get her Masters in Psychology degree. She is a coaching psychologist in London (yes, the London, the city in the UK), a coach/trainer, and is developing a unique program for mentoring young teen girls with ADHD, to “give them hope, to be the voice I wish I had heard”.  

She is actively pursuing grants to fund research in ”proof of concept” for her mentoring program, the concept being that mentoring can prevent the painful “lived experience” girls with undiagnosed ADHD so commonly go through. [ If you have access to funds for this research, or know someone who does, please contact Pippa!

Do you: 

  • flounder in the maze of school apps and programs simply to find your child’s assignments, or where to turn them in, or how they are doing in the class? 
  • Have heated discussions about missing assignments which leave both of you upset, frustrated, and hurt? 
  • Watch your child become overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, or depressed struggling every day with this mess, or worse, just give up on school?

You need to hear and/or watch this show!! A solution is at hand! 

Brent Newton is CEO and co-founder, along with his 12 year-old daughter, of myOwl, a program which integrates all apps and programs used by a school into one easy-access point which shows all assignments in all classes on the same page.

myOwl  does all of this: 

  • ALL classes on one dashboard;
  • Daily progress tracker on all assignments due that day;
  • Rewards for completing/submitting assignments, these can be redeemed for stickers and avatars to customize the Dashboard;
  • Parent view includes ALL of your children, see the Dashboard for each one from one login;
  • Teachers continue using the same apps and programs they use now;
  • And more coming!

Join us to discover a major advancement in making schools family-friendly online! Listen and learn! 

Micromoments of shame* – stepping over the box you were going to take upstairs as you go upstairs, passing by the unfolded laundry, discovering the clothes in the washer from two days ago…we have them daily. Maybe neurotypical folks do too, but ADHDers have many more every day. *this expression is not originally mine, a friend passed along a meme with that title. Apologies to the author, I do not know your name. Spot on concept.

Shame. The elephant in the room with ADHD, the feeling at the root of our familiar self-concept as “not good enough”. How it develops in people with ADHD and how we grow to believe and talk about ourselves in negative terms – a dummy, an idiot, a failure, incompetent, not good enough – join me and my guest Linda Roggli as we uncover the role of shame in the lives of people with ADHD. We have ADHD, it does not have to define us. Shame has us believing otherwise.

Linda Roggli a person I call a “thinker” in the field of ADHD, one who steps back and looks at the big picture, in her case also informed by her own ADHD (as is my perspective by my own ADHD).

She created the ADHD Palooza series starting in 2016 and now holds one for Women in the Spring (April 1-6, don’t miss it! Register ) and one for Couples in the Fall, she is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in the field of ADHD, an award-winning author – Confessions of an ADDiva – and founder of the A-D-Diva Network for ADHD women 40-and-better – 

Come join us, listen and learn!

Check out our video chat!

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Menopause and the hormonal swings leading up to it, perimenopause, often causes mood swings, brain fog, and always hot flashes. ADHD added to the mix compounds everything! Join Linda Roggli and I for a discussion of how hormonal shifts during this time affect ADHD, from the basic level of estrogen helping dopamine work better to what you can to get through this challenging time more smoothly. Listen and Learn !

Linda Roggli is the creator of the ADHD Palooza series – one for Women and one for Couples, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), an award-winning author – Confessions of an ADDiva and founder of the A-D-Diva Network for ADHD women 40-and-better –

ADHD Palooza for Women April 1-6, 2024, for Couples Nov 10-12, 2024

Women with undiagnosed ADHD of either Type “pay” more for it than do men, this is the Female ADHD Tax. Women and men who have undiagnosed ADHD struggle with life; they have higher risks of relationship issues, involvement with unwanted pregnancies, lower educational progress, lower-paying jobs, AND higher incidence of anxiety, depression, and domestic partner violence (to name a few) than neurotypical folks, and women with ADHD have a higher “tax rate” than do men.

Deborah Brooks is a psychotherapist in Ottawa, Canada. She joins me today to discuss The Female ADHD Tax, how it comes about and what can be done to “lower the tax rate”. Listen, and learn!

Do you feel that the treatments for your child’s ADHD and co-occurring Anxiety and/or Learning Disorders and/or Depression are not working for …something else but you don’t know what? That there are signs – behaviors, meltdowns, struggles with friends – that things are not yet OK, that something is being missed. You are totally spent by the end of each day, your house is a mess, you have given up seeing friends – in order that you can put 100% of your time and energy into helping your child.

Maybe this is not your struggle, but you see this going on in a friend, or a relative, or a neighbor, or co-worker.

My guest today is Elaine Taylor-Klaus, founder of IMPACTparents, author of The Essential Guide to raising Complex Kids, Master Certified Coach, and parent to four neurodivergent children. Her experiences, personal and professional, have led her to believe that the “something else” for many girls (and women) is Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Join us as we discuss the clues, the behaviors, the symptoms that suggest an evaluation for ASD is in order; the role that parents play and how critical it is that parents get coaching in how to parent these exceptional children, it is the single most-important thing they can do to help their child. Parents need validation, recognition that the difficulties they face every day are way beyond the norm of parenting challenges AND that they are not alone. Many families are in the same struggle.

Download Elaine’s article about these struggles, Parenting VERY Complex Kids: Underestimated, Undervalued & Underutilized . And a special bonus for listeners/viewers of ADHD Focus,  here is the link for you to download a free chapter of her book, “Everyone’s So Tense All The Time”.  Join us!  Listen, and Learn !

What is Asperger’s Syndrome anyway? Is it like autism? Can someone have ADHD and Asperger’s? How is that determined? In this show Thomas Brown PhD and I discuss the answers to these questions and more. Dr. Brown is one of the pre-eminent clinicians and authorities in the field of ADHD and associated disorders, I am privileged to have him as my guest today. Dr. Brown has published 30 scientific journal articles and written seven books on ADHD over his career as a clinical psychologist specializing in the field of ADHD and co-occurring disorders. After serving on the clinical faculty of Yale Medical School for 25 years he recently relocated to Manhattan Beach, California, to open the Brown Clinic for Attention and Related Disorders. His latest book is ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome , which is the subject of our conversation today. Dr. Brown can be reached at:

Outside the Box, Dr. Brown’s fifth book, is a comprehensive explanation of ADHD and how it intersects with its co-occurring disorders – Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Dysregulation, and time blindness to name a few. The latter two are not separate disorders but IMO they are the most impairing qualities of ADHD. Read, listen, and learn!

Why do we ADHDers (which includes myself) toss one task aside and choose to do another? Why are some of us usually arriving late to meetings, dates, dinner at home? What we call Procrastination and Poor Time Management may actually have foundations in a different aspect of ADHD, Self-awareness. The strategies for changing those symptoms/habits is different than other proposed solutions when seen through the lens of Self-awareness. 

My guest today is Jeff Copper, an ADHD Coach certified by both the International Coaching Federation and the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches. You can catch his programs on Attention Talk Radio and Attention Talk Video, as well as at Jeff founded his Dig Coaching Practice in 2007 to help clients with ADHD dig through the usual frames of reference for symptoms down to the foundational issues. When his clients have what Jeff terms the “Aha !” moment, they have gained a different perspective on the problem, which then enables them to approach it from a different angle.

Join us as we examine how you can make it easier to resume “the flow“of the thought process of doing one task when it has been interrupted by –  a noise/person with question/thoughts triggered by the details of the task/thoughts wandering to the weekend. Listen, and learn!

“My 9th grader needs help, she can’t get organized, her grades are failing, she is depressed, and I don’t know how to help her.”

“Why does it take you so long to get your homework done? You can do better than that.”

“How can I help my son? He won’t listen to me?”

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

My guest today is Michelle Raz, a board-certified ADHD coach and co-founder of Thrivister, a company which provides executive function support and development for high school and college students.

We will be exploring how academic coaching works to help develop the executive function skills those of us with ADHD need not only to succeed in school but beyond that in our jobs and careers, and out personal lives. Coaching provides what therapy and tutoring do not, the missing piece (though each of the others may be helpful as well). Learn by listening now. Listen, and Learn!

Welcome to the inaugural Video production of ADHD Focus, available on YouTube at ADHD Focus Kristin Swanson 32323.

And coming soon to Roku and Firestick!  The audio podcast of course remains available on most podcast channels.

Do you know your ADHD-related strengths? So many of the resources for ADHDers talk about strategies to address weaknesses in our ADHD function, “impairments” to work on, how to get ahead of our deficits. But we have strengths too, ways that our brains work which neurotypicals do not have.

Are you often frozen in perfectionism and/or shame which lead to one of the forms of procrastination? (*raises his hand…me*)

Can you recognize instances when boundaries on “want to” get in the way of “have to” and “need to” tasks/activities?

My guest today is Kristin Swanson, coach and consultant, expert in helping her clients how to get their “someday when I…” projects done. As a breast cancer survivor, Kristin learned the importance of getting out of one’s own way and how to stop waiting until “someday” to make a unique impact. Realizing deeply that “you only live once,” she has gained perspective, tools and strategies to overcome the illusions which fear instills in us.

Kristin earned a BA degree in business, received Co-Active Coaches Institute training, and has two decades of business leadership, strategy & operations experience.  Learn more at

Download Kristin’s free Make it Happen Planner here.

Why do people with ADHD need boundaries? Why do we typically have poor boundaries? Tamara Rosier joins us for a second time for an enlightening discussion about boundaries. Tamara Rosier, Phd is the Founder of the ADHD Center of Western Michigan and author of ‘Your Brain’s no Broken”.

Tamara’s book “
Your Brain’s Not Broken” explains how ADHD affects every aspect of your life. You’ll finally understand why you think, feel, and act the way you do. It is core ADHD issue stuff!  Listen and learn!

“I can’t be late for work again! Where are my keys?” “Mom, where are my baseball shoes?” “It’s past midnight again, and I have that 7am meeting”. Do any of these sound familiar? Getting up earlier to get to work on time won’t work; setting a routine, a habit of where you put the keys when you get home will work.

Value your time more than anything else. More than your income, more than your rank in your profession, more than anything. That widens your perspective and can provide the motivation to change your daily system, your routines and habits.

My guest today is Nic McLaughlin, ADHD and Executive Function coach. He started MasterADHDNow to help improve the lives of ADHDers and others struggling with ASDFAKP. Over 1000 clients have found his methods enabled them to get more done more efficiently, saving the time and not wasting energy in the amount of effort it took to get through a day at work or a day at home., Nic’s website, has free outlines and guides to habit setting, banishing procrastination and more. Join us, listen and learn!