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Dr. Joel Nigg – Sleep and the ADHD Brain

Sleep is the most important of all life rhythms. Your brain is not turned off and resting during sleep, it is putting information into long-term memory so that learning becomes knowledge, it is “defragging the disk” clearing out leftover bits of metabolic processes so neural networks don’t get clogged up, it is working all the time 24/7/365 (more in leap years). My guest is Dr. Joel Nigg, a Professor at the Oregon Health Sciences University and Director of the Division of Psychology, researcher and author in the ADHD arena, and an expert in many aspects of ADHD. His latest book Getting Ahead of ADHD is an up-to-date summary of knowledge in all areas of ADHD including exercise, diet, sleep, video games and toxins/pollutants. It addresses many issues including new treatments using technology and behavioral methodologies. Getting to bed and getting good quality sleep is crucial for us ADHDers, and a major challenge in this day and age. Join us to learn how to do it – Listen and learn! (and then sleep on it so you know how to do it )

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How to motivate your ADHD child (without using screen time!)

“It’s too hard!” “Why do I have to do this stupid book report? It’s dumb!”

“I finished it in school”…which you find out later is not the truth.

Have you heard this before, or something like it? Frustrating to say the least! For you, the teacher(s) and your child. My show today is about how to change the repeated failures into repeated successes.

Dr. Jerome Schultz is a neuropsychologist of 38 years’ experience who has developed a simple technique to turn this around. Simple but it does take effort and practice to make it work. You can do it! We discuss what is “behind the curtain”, why kids evade homework and hate school, how the brain differences in ADHD are a setup for failure if not recognized and an approach that works to develop successes leading to a Growth Mindset.

He outlines this approach in his book Nowhere to Hide: Why Kids with ADHD & LD Hate School and What We Can Do About It. He spends 2 days a week in schools working with teachers and students, consults with School Districts in the Boston area, and he writes articles in ADDitude magazine ( and blogs for Understood which is now at He walks the talk! Check those out, but right now listen and learn!

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Career Choices and ADHD

How can someone with ADHD figure out what career to pursue?

What if I don’t like what I chose in college? Where can I get some practical experience and discover my true interests? I have many interests, do I have to choose just one and leave the others behind? In this show my guest Rick Green and I discuss these questions and more.

Rick is the creative mind behind, which has grown from their first video/documentary “ADD and Loving It?!” in 2010 to many more documentary-style shows addressing all aspects of ADHD.   He and a colleague in the comedy business started the TV show “The Red Green Show” which ran for 12 seasons on Canadian TV and can still be seen in syndication on many PBS stations in the US. His college degree is in Physics. Following one’s passions and interests can result in a career vastly different than the college degree, as Rick and so many others have found.

First step?  Accept your ADHD, don’t fight it. Then learn to know your strengths and play to those. Develop your interests, meet your challenge areas with support systems and strategies, and be open to whatever comes along. You can have a rewarding career and life while using your ADHD as an advantage. Listen, and learn!


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Beyond High School

Here are more answers to the FAQs on the “High School to ‘after’ transition” for students and families dealing with ADHD – a parent’s role is coach, not player; what teens wish parents had done to help the transition; important facts about medications at college. Dr. Theresa Maitland returns to discuss these topics and more.

She has over 45 years of counseling/coaching experience in this field. She has co-authored 2 books with Patricia Quinn MD – Ready for Takeoff, Preparing Your Teen for the Transition from High School to College for parents, and On Your Own, College Readiness Guide for Teens with ADHD/LD. Her work as one of the first professionals doing ADHD coaching with students has grown to include families as well. She is open to receiving questions by email at In this show we continue our discussion on the best ways to prepare adolescents and their parents for the move to what comes after High School. Listen and learn!


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ADHD in Relationships

Does your spouse/partner/you have ADHD? Do any of these sound familiar?

“You never listen, you don’t care about me.”
“I’ve told you so many times…(pick any of 15 things)”
“I’ve had it. Either you get this fixed or I’m leaving.”

ADHD affects relationships in so many ways and can derail them in so many ways. It’s not the fault of either person, but it needs to be figured out or the relationship will fall apart.
My guest today is Don Baker, a Masters level therapist in Seattle. Don has worked in the field of ADHD since his own diagnosis in 1997 and obtaining his counseling license in 1998. He works with couples in all stages of their journey/struggles with ADHD. His website is and Facebook page is unpackingADHD. He posts tips and thoughts daily.
In this show we discuss the three key stages of the process of working through the effects of ADHD on relationships and give you resources to help in your journey. It’s hard work. Takeaways from this show – 1) There is hope, and 2) Commitment on the part of each partner to the process, both in his/her individual therapy work and in how they can approach the issues together is the key to success. Listen and learn!

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ADHD Focus: College Prep

Do you worry about how your ADHD child will do when she/he goes off to college? Do you wonder how you can give him/her the best preparation for demands of living away from you, not to mention the college academics?
Dr. Theresa Maitland has over 45 years of counseling/coaching experience, the last 24 years at a college specifically assisting students who are struggling with those exact challenges. She has written 3 books, including Ready for Takeoff, the Transition from High School to College for parents, and On Your Own, College Readiness for teens (co-authored with Patricia Quinn MD). She was one of the first professionals doing ADHD coaching in this issue, and soon realized it had to include families, not just students. She is open to receiving questions by email at In this show we discuss to best ways to prepare adolescents and their parents for the move to college life and academics. Listen and learn!

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ADHD Focus – Internet Addiction

Someone who spends hours on Internet, social media, YouTube, or playing video games to the exclusion of interactions with family and friends, isolating and at times violently opposing any request to stop – even for

dinner! These are signs of a possible addiction to the electronic world. It affects teens and young adults most commonly, with very serious impact upon their lives and brain development.  Like all addictions, it requires an intensive multi-faceted treatment approach. My guest Hilarie Cash PhD has developed 2 unique residential programs to help those with this affliction. She is a psychotherapist who has specialized in this field since 1999 and in 2009 co-founded ReStartLife, a company providing residential treatment for adults and teens (separate facilities) from all over the US, based in the Seattle area. Her website is

Those with ADHD especially prone to this condition; listen and learn about the condition and what can be done to help those affected by it.


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ADHD Focus – Medications for ADHD

There are so many sources of information and myth – information about medications for ADHD it is hard to get reliable information. Dr. Ted Mandelkorn began working with children with ADHD in the mid-1970s in his Mercer Island practice (near Seattle) and continues to do so. He is a pediatrician who saw many of his patients, and their families, struggling with the behaviors and impairments of ADHD, and recognized the critical importance of treating the neurochemical imbalance of ADHD with medication. He shares with us in this show some of the wealth of information on this topic, informed by experience “on the front lines”. Practice-based Evidence.
PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Mandelkorn and I firmly believe that medications are only one of the aspects of treating ADHD, an essential one but certainly not the only one. This discussion is only about medications. Other shows address many of the other important strategies for helping people cope with ADHD.


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ADHD Focus – Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Roberto Olivardia, PhD – Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Do you know anyone who absolutely hates some aspect about his/her body? Enough to obsessively try to change it? Some do with cosmetic surgery, but many do with behaviors – hours of exercise daily, extreme diets, etc. These people check the mirror daily if not more. And as a group 20% of people who suffer from BDD commit suicide. 20% !!

Listen as Dr. Roberto Olivardia, an expert in the field of eating disorders and BDD, tells us about this condition that affects 1-2% of the population, how to help someone you may think has it, and resources for families and individuals affected by it. People with ADHD are at risk for it by the very nature of the emotional turmoil caused by ADHD. One key resource is, the website of the International OCD Foundation.

Dr. Olivardia has a private practice in the Boston area, and is on the clinical faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He has written a book The Adonis Complex, about eating disorders in boys and men, and his clinical work centers around eating disorders and BDD.

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ADHD Focus – Parent the Child You Have

Do you struggle to parent your ADHD child? Does your ADHD child resist, dismiss, rebel against your requests, advice, guidance, and rules? This is a podcast you will not want to miss! Cindy Goldrich explains how an ADHD mind works, and why your child appears to defy reason, logic and you. Starting with “parent the child you have”, she explains 8 Keys to Parenting  Children with ADHD (also the title of her book), and how to go about developing a collaborative relationship with your child. Communication and collaboration are the keys to success, reducing the stress levels, and guiding your child to a more effective way of dealing with the world. Learn more and sign up for online coaching at Listen and learn !

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