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Upcoming Event: International Conference on ADHD

Upcoming Event: International Conference on ADHD

International Conference on ADHD will be in Anaheim, CA this year November 14-16. Professional Day on 14th, “gathering of the tribe” on the 15th & 16th with workshops, talent show, good company. Register Here!

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Airing on ADHD Focus beginning June 11th:

Which assignment do I work on now? Which is more important? When is that
one due? These are questions every High School and college student has
to answer every day. What if there was an app that consolidated all of
those answers into a single list “do these today” and completing that
daily list resulted in all assignments done by the due date, even
long-range ones? AND it included other activities like sports, clubs,
family time! Curious to learn more? 
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To dispel myth-information about ADHD which abounds in public media and in the minds of clinicians, health care professionals and many other folks.

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