Targeting ADHD

A World Without ADHD

Would you want to live in a world without ADHD?

I certainly wouldn’t. How dull it would be! Artists, inventors, explorers, statesmen, actors, musicians – many have ADHD and many who have now passed can be figured to have had ADHD.

My guest today is Kirsten Milliken PhD who together with Kris Mitchell has spun an idea they had into what will be a virtual online exhibit in conjunction with the International ADHD Conference in November 2020. “The intention is to illustrate how much the world benefits from the presence of ADHD in the human neurodiversity ecosystem,” said Kirsten. Visual arts or written word from people of any age will be shown and auctioned off to benefit anyone of three ADHD-supporting organizations.

Go to the website for details. Kirsten wrote the book PlayDHD, a book for adults with ADHD (more on that in another show), she is an ADHD Coach and now a facilitator for an exhibition of ADHD talents! Listen and Learn!

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