Targeting ADHD

ADHD Focus – ADHD Rewired

Do you plan out your day? Do you have a  good idea on how long a task will  take you to finish?  Do you have an ADHD accountability partner? For answers to these questions and more, listen to my conversation with Eric Tivers, LCSW, MSSW. Eric is a nationally recognized expert in the field of ADHD and productivity.   In his private practice he works with clients of all ages; he also has a “public practice” using online approaches in a variety of ways.

His website is On it you can find links to his podcast  “ADHD rewired” as well as  his unique approach to coaching for ADHDers that utilizes easy to use video conference technology –  ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability Groups. This is an intensive online program, structured 12 week interactive groups of 12 people per group, from all different walks of life with the shared issue of difficulty coping with ADHD roadblocks. You can learn more about the group Eric has also put together a 5 part video series called “125 Strategies to get your ADHD reWired.”. You can find that at

So listen up, discover more ways to change your ADHD challenges into solutions that work for you!

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