Targeting ADHD

ADHD Focus – Medications for ADHD

There are so many sources of information and myth – information about medications for ADHD it is hard to get reliable information. Dr. Ted Mandelkorn began working with children with ADHD in the mid-1970s in his Mercer Island practice (near Seattle) and continues to do so. He is a pediatrician who saw many of his patients, and their families, struggling with the behaviors and impairments of ADHD, and recognized the critical importance of treating the neurochemical imbalance of ADHD with medication. He shares with us in this show some of the wealth of information on this topic, informed by experience “on the front lines”. Practice-based Evidence.
PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Mandelkorn and I firmly believe that medications are only one of the aspects of treating ADHD, an essential one but certainly not the only one. This discussion is only about medications. Other shows address many of the other important strategies for helping people cope with ADHD.


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