Targeting ADHD

ADHD in Relationships

Does your spouse/partner/you have ADHD? Do any of these sound familiar?

“You never listen, you don’t care about me.”
“I’ve told you so many times…(pick any of 15 things)”
“I’ve had it. Either you get this fixed or I’m leaving.”

ADHD affects relationships in so many ways and can derail them in so many ways. It’s not the fault of either person, but it needs to be figured out or the relationship will fall apart.
My guest today is Don Baker, a Masters level therapist in Seattle. Don has worked in the field of ADHD since his own diagnosis in 1997 and obtaining his counseling license in 1998. He works with couples in all stages of their journey/struggles with ADHD. His website is and Facebook page is unpackingADHD. He posts tips and thoughts daily.
In this show we discuss the three key stages of the process of working through the effects of ADHD on relationships and give you resources to help in your journey. It’s hard work. Takeaways from this show – 1) There is hope, and 2) Commitment on the part of each partner to the process, both in his/her individual therapy work and in how they can approach the issues together is the key to success. Listen and learn!

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