Targeting ADHD

Dr. David Anderson – ADHD Brain Differences

“He disrupts the class, he argues with me, he breaks the rules at home and at school”. “I have to ask 3 times and she still forgets to do it”.

Does that sound familiar?

These are behaviors which result from the brain differences in people with ADHD. My guest today, Dr. David Anderson, specializes in helping families learn how to turn these behaviors around. As a clinical psychologist at ChildMind in NYC he teaches parents strategies they can use to reduce the stresses of living with ADHD-affected kids and to set their ADHD child(ren)on the path to success at home and in school. Listen and learn!

Resources Dr. Anderson suggests for parents:
The Everyday Parenting Toolkit by Alan Kazdin
Managing ADHD in School (for teachers) by Russell Barkley PhD

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