Targeting ADHD

Dr. Joel Nigg – Sleep and the ADHD Brain

Sleep is the most important of all life rhythms. Your brain is not turned off and resting during sleep, it is putting information into long-term memory so that learning becomes knowledge, it is “defragging the disk” clearing out leftover bits of metabolic processes so neural networks don’t get clogged up, it is working all the time 24/7/365 (more in leap years). My guest is Dr. Joel Nigg, a Professor at the Oregon Health Sciences University and Director of the Division of Psychology, researcher and author in the ADHD arena, and an expert in many aspects of ADHD. His latest book Getting Ahead of ADHD is an up-to-date summary of knowledge in all areas of ADHD including exercise, diet, sleep, video games and toxins/pollutants. It addresses many issues including new treatments using technology and behavioral methodologies. Getting to bed and getting good quality sleep is crucial for us ADHDers, and a major challenge in this day and age. Join us to learn how to do it – Listen and learn! (and then sleep on it so you know how to do it )

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