Targeting ADHD

ADHD Focus – Denise Allan on Organization

Organization – a word that brings a shudder of shame and guilt to all with ADHD. We know we don’t do it well, even though we may have read all kinds of books and tips. There is an approach which holds hope for us, and that is “marginal gains”, progress that comes from making incremental changes.

Organization is not just “arrange the clutter”, it also applies to managing time. That may be the aspect of it that leads to many of the frustrations of ADHD. Simple changes one or two at a time can reduce that frustration quotient significantly.

My guest is Denise Allan, a professional organizer who holds a designation of ADHD Specialist from the National Association of Professional Organizers; she figures 70% or more of her clients have ADHD. Her monthly newsletter can be found at and on her Facebook page Simplify Experts has a daily tip on organization.

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