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ADHD Focus – Preventing Family Holiday Frazzle

Baking, get cards sent out, family dinners, Santa pictures, decorate the house, get the lights up, finish the costume for the play… presents? Oh no, I’ve got to get some for the kids to give to Aunt Gladys, and…and…and….  In one way or another most of us have been there. What are some things parents can do to create and celebrate family traditions, include their children in the planning and doing, and give themselves the gift of self-care along the way, so they can satisfy their desire to give their families a wonderful Holiday time?  Listen as I talk with Elaine Taylor-Klaus, co-founder of IMPACTadhd, an online parent training and coaching program for parents of complex kids, and co-author of the recently released book Parenting ADHD Now. We discuss how to stay mindful of celebrating holiday time, not just getting through it.  And if it has been a struggle this year, take heart, next year can be better !

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