Targeting ADHD

ADHD Focus – Your ADHD life can be better

Lose your keys again? Up too late doing “one more thing”? Down on yourself because “I got nothing done today” when only 3 of your 18 items on the to-do list got done? My guest on this show is Doug Puryear MD, a psychiatrist who discovered at age 64 that he had ADHD, and he set out to change the ways ADHD had interfered with his life. His book Your Life Can Be Better outlines many strategies you can use to do exactly that. He also has 2 blogs on ADHD issues, at . His basic approach: identify the problem, create a strategy, make a rule and follow it (expect that you will flop a few times, pick yourself up and start again) and the rule becomes a habit.  Listen up, find out how you can do the same !

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