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Brendan Mahan and The Wall of Awful

Here you go….
Brendan Mahan and the Wall of Awful

“Yup, I failed again, messed it up”. “I’ve disappointed Mom again, she probably wishes I
wasn’t her kid.”

“I’ll be up until 2am getting this report done, why didn’t I get started
earlier instead of watching Netflix again? I’m stupid, that’s why”.

Ever heard yourself saying that? Ever heard your child say that? Ouch! It hurts!

My guest today is Brendan Mahan, Executive Function coach/consultant, speaker and
educator (former 6th grade teacher). And parent. And person with ADHD. He came up
with the concept of the Wall of Awful as the representation of the negative emotions and
self-talk that accumulate faster and grow higher for those of us with ADHD than for
neurotypicals. Kids, parents, adults with ADHD are very good at adding those emotional
“bricks” to the Wall of Awful. Join Brendan and I as we discuss how the Wall gets built
and the 5 ways of dealing with it, 2 of which work well and get us to the other side of the
Wall of Awful. Listen and learn!

Brendan’s podcast is ADHD Essentials, his website

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