Targeting ADHD

Finish homework on time and stress-free? For real? Use studyzen™

Which assignment do I work on now? Which is more important? When is that one due? These are questions every High School and college student has to answer every day. What if there was an app that consolidated all of those answers into a single list “do these today” and completing that daily list resulted in all assignments done by the due date, even long-range ones? AND it included other activities like sports, clubs, family time!

Thanks to Nathan Hanamaika’i, that app exists! While in grad school Dr. Nate had to figure out how to complete his doctoral studies, job tasks, home chores and include personal and family time with his wife and four children. He made a spreadsheet then combined it with a calendar of due dates. As he learned more about ADHD and the challenges students have with time management, he refined his system into a composite of all the activities and tasks to be done over the coming few months for school, job, rest/restore time, personal time, exercise, and whatever else, then distilled that into day-by-day segments. Just do everything on the list for that day and due dates will be met, appointments kept, family time enjoyed!

Studyzen personalizes that for each student, using input from student, parents, school and class schedules/assignments to create the daily task set unique for the needs of the student. No more worrying about which of 5 things to do first, or at all that day! Assignments, sports, clubs, refresh time – it is possible to track it and get it done step by step. 

Studyzen is available at Download iOS or Android version. Go for it!

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