Targeting ADHD

The “lived experience” of ADHD as motivation to help others deal with it with Pippa Simou

If anyone had doubts about whether my guest or I have ADHD, in this episode of ADHD Focus we provided decisive proof that indeed we do. In a wide-ranging discussion we touched on girls/women with ADHD, student struggles with ADHD, the shame experienced by women with ADHD  due to impossible-to-meet societal expectations of a woman, a housewife, a mother, and a person with a business – in any combination of those roles. And probably more…(I was in the moment, not taking (detailed) notes). 

Pippa Simou has “lived experience” as the mother of an ADHD child and a woman surprised by her own “late diagnosis” of ADHD as an adult. The desire to help her son cope with his ADHD in every way possible led her to in-depth reading and inquiry about ADHD. She changed careers after teaching for 20 years to one of training teachers about ADHD and coaching other parents with ADHD children, after returning to school to get her Masters in Psychology degree. She is a coaching psychologist in London (yes, the London, the city in the UK), a coach/trainer, and is developing a unique program for mentoring young teen girls with ADHD, to “give them hope, to be the voice I wish I had heard”.  

She is actively pursuing grants to fund research in ”proof of concept” for her mentoring program, the concept being that mentoring can prevent the painful “lived experience” girls with undiagnosed ADHD so commonly go through. [ If you have access to funds for this research, or know someone who does, please contact Pippa!