Targeting ADHD

How to motivate your ADHD child (without using screen time!)

“It’s too hard!” “Why do I have to do this stupid book report? It’s dumb!”

“I finished it in school”…which you find out later is not the truth.

Have you heard this before, or something like it? Frustrating to say the least! For you, the teacher(s) and your child. My show today is about how to change the repeated failures into repeated successes.

Dr. Jerome Schultz is a neuropsychologist of 38 years’ experience who has developed a simple technique to turn this around. Simple but it does take effort and practice to make it work. You can do it! We discuss what is “behind the curtain”, why kids evade homework and hate school, how the brain differences in ADHD are a setup for failure if not recognized and an approach that works to develop successes leading to a Growth Mindset.

He outlines this approach in his book Nowhere to Hide: Why Kids with ADHD & LD Hate School and What We Can Do About It. He spends 2 days a week in schools working with teachers and students, consults with School Districts in the Boston area, and he writes articles in ADDitude magazine ( and blogs for Understood which is now at He walks the talk! Check those out, but right now listen and learn!

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