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Micromoments of Shame with Linda Roggli

Micromoments of shame* – stepping over the box you were going to take upstairs as you go upstairs, passing by the unfolded laundry, discovering the clothes in the washer from two days ago…we have them daily. Maybe neurotypical folks do too, but ADHDers have many more every day. *this expression is not originally mine, a friend passed along a meme with that title. Apologies to the author, I do not know your name. Spot on concept.

Shame. The elephant in the room with ADHD, the feeling at the root of our familiar self-concept as “not good enough”. How it develops in people with ADHD and how we grow to believe and talk about ourselves in negative terms – a dummy, an idiot, a failure, incompetent, not good enough – join me and my guest Linda Roggli as we uncover the role of shame in the lives of people with ADHD. We have ADHD, it does not have to define us. Shame has us believing otherwise.

Linda Roggli a person I call a “thinker” in the field of ADHD, one who steps back and looks at the big picture, in her case also informed by her own ADHD (as is my perspective by my own ADHD).

She created the ADHD Palooza series starting in 2016 and now holds one for Women in the Spring (April 1-6, don’t miss it! Register ) and one for Couples in the Fall, she is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in the field of ADHD, an award-winning author – Confessions of an ADDiva – and founder of the A-D-Diva Network for ADHD women 40-and-better – 

Come join us, listen and learn!

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