Targeting ADHD

Menopause and ADHD Episode

Menopause and the hormonal swings leading up to it, perimenopause, often causes mood swings, brain fog, and always hot flashes. ADHD added to the mix compounds everything! Join Linda Roggli and I for a discussion of how hormonal shifts during this time affect ADHD, from the basic level of estrogen helping dopamine work better to what you can to get through this challenging time more smoothly. Listen and Learn! 

Linda Roggli is the creator of the ADHD Palooza series – one for Women and one for Couples, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), an award-winning author – Confessions of an ADDiva and founder of the A-D-Diva Network for ADHD women 40-and-better – 

ADHD Palooza for Women April 1-6, 2024, for Couples Nov 10-12, 2024