Targeting ADHD

David Pomeroy

ADHD Focus – Victory Over Time Warp

Are you often late for appointments? Is your task list hours long but the time in your day disappears before the 3rd item is done? Is there time for yourself in all the busyness of the day? Most ADHDers would answer Yes/Yes/No. My guest today has great ideas on how to turn those answers into No/No/Yes.
Denise Allan, is a Certified Professional Organizer whose business, Simplify Experts, is in the Seattle area. She has added accreditation in the field of ADHD from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization . You can search their Directory by ZIP to find an Organization expert near you.
We will be discussing how to improve your time awareness, to keep your tasks on track, and to reward yourself each step of the way (keeps the motivation going!). Sound daunting? It’s not, take it one small step at a time. Listen and learn!

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ADHD Focus – Steps to beat Procrastination with Rick Green

Do you put things off you know you have to do? If you don’t, you may not have ADHD, though many neurotypical folks probably do it as well. But for ADHDers this is a MAJOR issue. My guest for this show is Rick Green of After he was told he had ADHD, Rick’s background in TV and broadcasting enabled him to put together documentaries on all aspects of ADHD. ADD and Mastering It! was the second one, the “now what do I do?” part, with many tips for getting past the major stumbling blocks posed by ADHD.

Procrastination and steps to beat it, tracking tasks, getting ideas down that pop up in the midst of other tasks then returning to the task at hand, all these and more are included for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

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ADHD Focus – Coaching for ADHD with Jeff Copper

Would having a coach for some of your ADHD issues be helpful?  How does a coach help with some of the challenges of ADHD that medications cannot?

You will want to listen to this show to hear answers to these questions, and to hear of a unique approach to the day-to-day challenges we face as ADHDers. You will learn how to understand your unique ADHD challenges in ways you probably have not heard before, enabling you to develop solutions to remove the barriers that keep you from living into your potential.

My guest is Jeff Copper, an attention coach whose business it is to help those with ADHD achieve what they are capable of doing and being. His coaching business is Dig Coaching Practice, found at He has “free fun stuff” on, including challenging exercises to help you see attention and focus in a different light.

In addition to his personal coaching business, Jeff hosts Attention Talk Radio andAttention Talk Video, shows which bring other aspects of ADHD to public awareness.  Listen up! You will be glad you did!

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