ADHD Focus – Coaching for ADHD with Jeff Copper

Would having a coach for some of your ADHD issues be helpful?  How does a coach help with some of the challenges of ADHD that medications cannot?

You will want to listen to this show to hear answers to these questions, and to hear of a unique approach to the day-to-day challenges we face as ADHDers. You will learn how to understand your unique ADHD challenges in ways you probably have not heard before, enabling you to develop solutions to remove the barriers that keep you from living into your potential.

My guest is Jeff Copper, an attention coach whose business it is to help those with ADHD achieve what they are capable of doing and being. His coaching business is Dig Coaching Practice, found at He has “free fun stuff” on, including challenging exercises to help you see attention and focus in a different light.

In addition to his personal coaching business, Jeff hosts Attention Talk Radio andAttention Talk Video, shows which bring other aspects of ADHD to public awareness.  Listen up! You will be glad you did!

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