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Family Medicine doc since 1979. All professional life in Pacific NW, wouldn't want to live anywhere else. ADHD doc since 2005, passionate about dispelling myth-information about ADHD which abounds in public media/minds and professional minds as well.

A World Without ADHD

Would you want to live in a world without ADHD?

I certainly wouldn’t. How dull it would be! Artists, inventors, explorers, statesmen, actors, musicians – many have ADHD and many who have now passed can be figured to have had ADHD.

My guest today is Kirsten Milliken PhD who together with Kris Mitchell has spun an idea they had into what will be a virtual online exhibit in conjunction with the International ADHD Conference in November 2020. “The intention is to illustrate how much the world benefits from the presence of ADHD in the human neurodiversity ecosystem,” said Kirsten. Visual arts or written word from people of any age will be shown and auctioned off to benefit anyone of three ADHD-supporting organizations.

Go to the website for details. Kirsten wrote the book PlayDHD, a book for adults with ADHD (more on that in another show), she is an ADHD Coach and now a facilitator for an exhibition of ADHD talents! Listen and Learn!

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Managing time as a team with Dr. Sharon Saline

Do you and your ADHD child understand how to work together to solve the time management, task management, emotional management issues that show up daily? These happen in every household of course but they break down more easily and more often when ADHD is involved. Your child is trying the best she or he knows how but the ADHD brain can’t figure it out without help, your help. My guest today is Dr. Sharon Saline, a psychologist who sets out the framework for approaching these challenges in her book What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew, based upon the 5 Cs. Her website is

Curious to know what the 5Cs are and how they can help families coping with ADHD?  Listen and learn!


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Dr. Brian Friedlander Assistive Technology for ADHD/LD

Have you ever tried to sort through programs and apps to find which one might help your child with ADHD and/or LD do better in school?

Which ones are included in programs you probably have like MS Word or Google Docs?

Are there others that aren’t too costly and have proven value?

My guest this show is Dr. Brian Friedlander, Associate Professor of Education at the College of St. Elizabeth in Morristown, NJ. He teaches graduate programs in assistive technology (AT), has co-authored the book Engaging the Resistant Child Through Computers as well as several laminated reference guides to AT in a variety of formats. His blog can be found at Join us for a whirlwind tour of AT for students with ADHD and LD challenges. Listen and Learn!

For quick referral – here are some of the apps and programs suggested by Dr. Friedlander.

Closing the gap:
Don Johnston:
Mathpad 2.0:
Mathline Abacus:

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Girls and ADHD

ADHD often shows up differently in girls than it does in boys. Usually. How? What factors indicate higher risk outcomes for girls? Consequences of undiagnosed ADHD in girls are much more severe overall, especially in teen years – cutting, depression, anxiety, suicidal thinking, eating disorders. Higher risk for these are 4: Combined Type ADHD, impaired family dynamics, poor peer acceptance and past abuse -physical, sexual and/or emotional neglect.

These topics I discussed with my guest today, Dr. Stephen Hinshaw, Professor of Psychiatry at UC San Francisco and Professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley. He has written and co-authored numerous books, among them Another Kind of Madness: A Journey Through the Stigma and Hope of Mental Illness in 2017 and The ADHD Explosion in 2014 with Richard Sheffler. He directs the Berkeley Girls with ADHD Longitudinal Study which began in 2003 and continues. His website is

Listen and learn!

*** Stay tuned for the sequel, treatment – what helps and how.

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Dr. David Anderson – ADHD Brain Differences

“He disrupts the class, he argues with me, he breaks the rules at home and at school”. “I have to ask 3 times and she still forgets to do it”.

Does that sound familiar?

These are behaviors which result from the brain differences in people with ADHD. My guest today, Dr. David Anderson, specializes in helping families learn how to turn these behaviors around. As a clinical psychologist at ChildMind in NYC he teaches parents strategies they can use to reduce the stresses of living with ADHD-affected kids and to set their ADHD child(ren)on the path to success at home and in school. Listen and learn!

Resources Dr. Anderson suggests for parents:
The Everyday Parenting Toolkit by Alan Kazdin
Managing ADHD in School (for teachers) by Russell Barkley PhD

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Dr. Joel Nigg – Sleep and the ADHD Brain

Sleep is the most important of all life rhythms. Your brain is not turned off and resting during sleep, it is putting information into long-term memory so that learning becomes knowledge, it is “defragging the disk” clearing out leftover bits of metabolic processes so neural networks don’t get clogged up, it is working all the time 24/7/365 (more in leap years). My guest is Dr. Joel Nigg, a Professor at the Oregon Health Sciences University and Director of the Division of Psychology, researcher and author in the ADHD arena, and an expert in many aspects of ADHD. His latest book Getting Ahead of ADHD is an up-to-date summary of knowledge in all areas of ADHD including exercise, diet, sleep, video games and toxins/pollutants. It addresses many issues including new treatments using technology and behavioral methodologies. Getting to bed and getting good quality sleep is crucial for us ADHDers, and a major challenge in this day and age. Join us to learn how to do it – Listen and learn! (and then sleep on it so you know how to do it )

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How to motivate your ADHD child (without using screen time!)

“It’s too hard!” “Why do I have to do this stupid book report? It’s dumb!”

“I finished it in school”…which you find out later is not the truth.

Have you heard this before, or something like it? Frustrating to say the least! For you, the teacher(s) and your child. My show today is about how to change the repeated failures into repeated successes.

Dr. Jerome Schultz is a neuropsychologist of 38 years’ experience who has developed a simple technique to turn this around. Simple but it does take effort and practice to make it work. You can do it! We discuss what is “behind the curtain”, why kids evade homework and hate school, how the brain differences in ADHD are a setup for failure if not recognized and an approach that works to develop successes leading to a Growth Mindset.

He outlines this approach in his book Nowhere to Hide: Why Kids with ADHD & LD Hate School and What We Can Do About It. He spends 2 days a week in schools working with teachers and students, consults with School Districts in the Boston area, and he writes articles in ADDitude magazine ( and blogs for Understood which is now at He walks the talk! Check those out, but right now listen and learn!

Follow Dr. Schultz on twitter @docschultz



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Career Choices and ADHD

How can someone with ADHD figure out what career to pursue?

What if I don’t like what I chose in college? Where can I get some practical experience and discover my true interests? I have many interests, do I have to choose just one and leave the others behind? In this show my guest Rick Green and I discuss these questions and more.

Rick is the creative mind behind, which has grown from their first video/documentary “ADD and Loving It?!” in 2010 to many more documentary-style shows addressing all aspects of ADHD.   He and a colleague in the comedy business started the TV show “The Red Green Show” which ran for 12 seasons on Canadian TV and can still be seen in syndication on many PBS stations in the US. His college degree is in Physics. Following one’s passions and interests can result in a career vastly different than the college degree, as Rick and so many others have found.

First step?  Accept your ADHD, don’t fight it. Then learn to know your strengths and play to those. Develop your interests, meet your challenge areas with support systems and strategies, and be open to whatever comes along. You can have a rewarding career and life while using your ADHD as an advantage. Listen, and learn!


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Beyond High School

Here are more answers to the FAQs on the “High School to ‘after’ transition” for students and families dealing with ADHD – a parent’s role is coach, not player; what teens wish parents had done to help the transition; important facts about medications at college. Dr. Theresa Maitland returns to discuss these topics and more.

She has over 45 years of counseling/coaching experience in this field. She has co-authored 2 books with Patricia Quinn MD – Ready for Takeoff, Preparing Your Teen for the Transition from High School to College for parents, and On Your Own, College Readiness Guide for Teens with ADHD/LD. Her work as one of the first professionals doing ADHD coaching with students has grown to include families as well. She is open to receiving questions by email at In this show we continue our discussion on the best ways to prepare adolescents and their parents for the move to what comes after High School. Listen and learn!


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ADHD in Relationships

Does your spouse/partner/you have ADHD? Do any of these sound familiar?

“You never listen, you don’t care about me.”
“I’ve told you so many times…(pick any of 15 things)”
“I’ve had it. Either you get this fixed or I’m leaving.”

ADHD affects relationships in so many ways and can derail them in so many ways. It’s not the fault of either person, but it needs to be figured out or the relationship will fall apart.
My guest today is Don Baker, a Masters level therapist in Seattle. Don has worked in the field of ADHD since his own diagnosis in 1997 and obtaining his counseling license in 1998. He works with couples in all stages of their journey/struggles with ADHD. His website is and Facebook page is unpackingADHD. He posts tips and thoughts daily.
In this show we discuss the three key stages of the process of working through the effects of ADHD on relationships and give you resources to help in your journey. It’s hard work. Takeaways from this show – 1) There is hope, and 2) Commitment on the part of each partner to the process, both in his/her individual therapy work and in how they can approach the issues together is the key to success. Listen and learn!

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