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ADHD Focus – Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Roberto Olivardia, PhD – Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Do you know anyone who absolutely hates some aspect about his/her body? Enough to obsessively try to change it? Some do with cosmetic surgery, but many do with behaviors – hours of exercise daily, extreme diets, etc. These people check the mirror daily if not more. And as a group 20% of people who suffer from BDD commit suicide. 20% !!

Listen as Dr. Roberto Olivardia, an expert in the field of eating disorders and BDD, tells us about this condition that affects 1-2% of the population, how to help someone you may think has it, and resources for families and individuals affected by it. People with ADHD are at risk for it by the very nature of the emotional turmoil caused by ADHD. One key resource is, the website of the International OCD Foundation.

Dr. Olivardia has a private practice in the Boston area, and is on the clinical faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He has written a book The Adonis Complex, about eating disorders in boys and men, and his clinical work centers around eating disorders and BDD.

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ADHD Focus – Parent the Child You Have

Do you struggle to parent your ADHD child? Does your ADHD child resist, dismiss, rebel against your requests, advice, guidance, and rules? This is a podcast you will not want to miss! Cindy Goldrich explains how an ADHD mind works, and why your child appears to defy reason, logic and you. Starting with “parent the child you have”, she explains 8 Keys to Parenting  Children with ADHD (also the title of her book), and how to go about developing a collaborative relationship with your child. Communication and collaboration are the keys to success, reducing the stress levels, and guiding your child to a more effective way of dealing with the world. Learn more and sign up for online coaching at Listen and learn !

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ADHD Focus – Social Learning for ADHD Kids

How can kids learn to identify their feelings, and to read social cues to identify how others are feeling? Feelings are facts to the one doing the feeling, and many are uncomfortable or scary; what tools can one use to cope with them?  My guest today is Anna Vagin, PhD, a Speech and Language Pathologist, whose work in the past 30 years has been in the field of social learning. She has developed a process by which kids can learn about emotions – their own and those of others – and how to deal with them.  YouTube videos! Who knew there were good ones out there!

Her website is , she is on Twitter  @anna_vagin and her first book is YouCue  FEELINGS, Using Online Videos for Social Learning.

I think you will find this a fascinating topic, one which every parent, child, teacher, and all the rest of us can use to improve our social awareness. Listen and learn !!


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ADHD Focus – Women with ADHD

Are you a woman with ADHD? Do you know one? You need to listen to this show with Kathleen Nadeau, a psychologist and pioneer in the field of ADHD in women. She began her clinical practice over 30 years ago working with children, then with parents of those children, and then concentrated on the issues faced by women with ADHD. She has written many books on aspects of ADHD and continues her clinical practice at the Chesapeake ADHD Center. We discuss how ADHD in women is often missed in diagnosis and how it affects a woman’s self-esteem and ability to function well in all the arenas of life she is called upon to manage. Dr. Nadeau is in the process of writing a book on Aging with ADHD, and would love to interview women over the age of 60 with ADHD; please contact her through her website

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ADHD Focus – Denise Allan on Organization

Organization – a word that brings a shudder of shame and guilt to all with ADHD. We know we don’t do it well, even though we may have read all kinds of books and tips. There is an approach which holds hope for us, and that is “marginal gains”, progress that comes from making incremental changes.

Organization is not just “arrange the clutter”, it also applies to managing time. That may be the aspect of it that leads to many of the frustrations of ADHD. Simple changes one or two at a time can reduce that frustration quotient significantly.

My guest is Denise Allan, a professional organizer who holds a designation of ADHD Specialist from the National Association of Professional Organizers; she figures 70% or more of her clients have ADHD. Her monthly newsletter can be found at and on her Facebook page Simplify Experts has a daily tip on organization.

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ADHD Focus – Preventing Family Holiday Frazzle

Baking, get cards sent out, family dinners, Santa pictures, decorate the house, get the lights up, finish the costume for the play… presents? Oh no, I’ve got to get some for the kids to give to Aunt Gladys, and…and…and….  In one way or another most of us have been there. What are some things parents can do to create and celebrate family traditions, include their children in the planning and doing, and give themselves the gift of self-care along the way, so they can satisfy their desire to give their families a wonderful Holiday time?  Listen as I talk with Elaine Taylor-Klaus, co-founder of IMPACTadhd, an online parent training and coaching program for parents of complex kids, and co-author of the recently released book Parenting ADHD Now. We discuss how to stay mindful of celebrating holiday time, not just getting through it.  And if it has been a struggle this year, take heart, next year can be better !

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ADHD Focus – Your ADHD life can be better

Lose your keys again? Up too late doing “one more thing”? Down on yourself because “I got nothing done today” when only 3 of your 18 items on the to-do list got done? My guest on this show is Doug Puryear MD, a psychiatrist who discovered at age 64 that he had ADHD, and he set out to change the ways ADHD had interfered with his life. His book Your Life Can Be Better outlines many strategies you can use to do exactly that. He also has 2 blogs on ADHD issues, at . His basic approach: identify the problem, create a strategy, make a rule and follow it (expect that you will flop a few times, pick yourself up and start again) and the rule becomes a habit.  Listen up, find out how you can do the same !

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ADHD Focus: Screen Media and Brain Development

Does “screen time” on Smartphones, laptops, tablets etc affect my child’s brain? If so, how? Is she losing anything, or not developing some skills because she’s on YouTube and Netflix and Facetime so often? How much screen time is OK, and at what age? Listen to this show with Dr. Mary Burke, psychiatrist in San Francisco who has studied, written and lectured about these questions. One crucial skill everyone needs is the ability to read emotions from facial expressions, and that is based upon face-to-face time with parents mainly. When children are in an unresponsive social environment (parent or sitter or sib on screen, not interacting), that alters the expression of some genes and critical pathways are undeveloped. Does it matter? You bet it does! Listen up !

What can replace screen time? Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood  has great ideas, check it out !

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